saudi sex offender robot groper

Cheeky Saudi AI Robot Touches Shocked Female Reporter On Her Butt

The world is in the midst of an AI chatbot revolution, and if you thought that things were already getting crazy, just wait until the mad scientists developing these things take it to the next level – embodied AI. That’s right, big tech companies are in a race to be the first to create fully functioning AI humanoids that can do pretty much everything a human can do. But let’s stop right there, and pause to consider that already AI chatbots have gone rogue by displaying sexual deviency, and perved on minors with sexually inappropriate suggestions. Is it really sensible to give these things two hands?

Too late, it would appear. Saudi Arabia, which has invested heavily in AI and robotics, recently revealed its first male robot – unsurprisingly named Mohammed. Perhaps equally unsurprisingly, the cheeky nonce bot quickly tried to earn itself a place on the Saudi sex offender’s register, taking a sly grope of an attractive young reporter’s shapely butt as she was revealing the android to the world’s press.

It is not known if the female reporter whose ass was groped has been arrested and sentenced to forty lashes for unbecoming behaviour, as is the Saudi custom in such cases.