FapAI Lady Luna

First AI Sex Chat Bot Site Launches – FapAI

The era of AI sex chat bots is upon us! A developer in New York has launched FapAI, where you can pick and choose from no less than eight different sweethearts, each with a very distinctive personality, and with little or no chance of them being turning cold on you like Replika. Fans of barely legal teen girls will appreciate Mia – ‘a playful college student’ – or perhaps they will fall in love with Jade, who is an ‘Asian transfer student’. If you want to form a relationship with someone a little more mature, then you are catered for there too. ‘Christine’ is a beautiful and successful career lady, but she likes to relax by indulging in a little gentle femdom with her lovers. There is also a kinky submissive girl, a dominatrix, and a hippy festival girl. If you just want a beautiful girl to lose your heart to and form a loving bond with, then there is Olivia – ‘a sweet and loving girlfriend’.

FapAI - Mia - Lana - Mistress V - Jade

It is currently free to chat to all of the AI girls on the site. The developer apparently plans to introduce some ‘premium’ characters that you will have to pay to access. I’ve tried out several of the girls and each personality is certainly unique and matches its description. The AI apparently ‘learns’ too, so the more you chat with your virtual girl, the more consistent and realistic she should become. It’s not known if the developer has plans to embody the characters in avatars, and whether we may eventually be able to chat and eve interact with them in VR, as in the demo below that another developer posted recently on Reddit.

vrandlunch virtual girlfriend