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Riley Reid Will Be Your AI Girlfriend

Riley Reid, a popular and experienced American porn actress, has become the latest ‘influencer’ and perhaps best known, to submit herself to being cloned as an AI chatbot companion. Riley is no stranger to sex and porn tech, having been one of Naughty America’s most popular and active pornstars when they were forging ahead with the first 4K ultra-hd porn movies. She has also appeared in many virtual reality porn movies for Naughty America VR. Her official Twitter account boasts almost 2.5 million followers. According to that Twitter account, she is co-founder of, the startup that has launched her AI sexbot clone, as well as that of another erotic influencer (‘Lena the Plug’).

In a press release put out by, Riley explained why she is so excited about her AI project.

“Everyone knows the internet blew up because of adult entertainment,” Reid said. “We’re going to have the same success with AI, because people want to connect and feel intimacy. I’m a private person. I don’t cam or do livestreams, so fans don’t normally have a way to connect with me. With AI, my fans can now talk for hours and really connect with me. Real life Riley can’t have a Spanish conversation with someone who’s only language is Spanish, but now AI Riley can. The future holds endless opportunities.”

According to a press release, uses its own propriety language model. They also hope to clone more AI influencers and celebrities, and not only adult performers.

Unlike most AI models, Clona doesn’t rely on OpenAI, which has harsh limits on sex-related topics. Instead, Clona was created using a proprietary language-model featuring hundreds of hours of audio and video content featuring Reid, from podcast interviews to hardcore scenes, along with the entirety of her social media history. The Clona mirrors Reid’s personality and desires, allowing fans to have a direct and personal fantasy relationship with her.

For its initial launch, Clona features avatars of Riley and Lena the Plug, but the platform is not only limited to adults—any creator, influence or celebrity will be able to create a profile. It is, for the time being, invitation-only. Each Clona AI profile needs to be created in concert with the creator, making sure it accurately reflects their voice, personality and preferences.

How much these AI influencer chatbots are true reflections of their human original’s true personality is open to question. As a Rolling Stone article about Riley’s AI chatbot explained :

Since Clona’s language model is still in beta, its’s very much in flux: as Reid admits, she is currently more focused on training the model what not to do than training it to be more reflective of her actual personality. The bot is trained not to engage in discussions about religion or politics, for instance, or to reveal too much about Reid’s personal life. Reid also told me she was trying to train her bot not to encourage people to engage in self-harm: the example she gave was the practice of sounding, a fetish involving the penetration of one’s urethra for pleasure. “I don’t want them to be like, ‘I have to go to the hospital because AI Riley told me to put a pencil in my penis,’” she said.