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Best AI Girlfriends

These are the top NSFW AI Girlfriend apps and sites in 2024. There is now a plethora of AI sex chat sites available, and an increasing number that allow you to generate the appearance, personality and background of your girlfriend. We do our best to keep on top of them, thoroughly test them, and check out any new sites or apps that are gaining popularity.

1 >> DreamGF << – Create Your Dream Girlfriend And Then Chat To Her

A complete AI girlfriend generator AND simulator, DreamGF is by far the most advanced NSFW AI companion site currently available. Not only is the generation of the physical image of your girlfriend both photorealistic and mind-blowingly beautiful, but you can then create her personality, and finally chat and text with her. Play your cards right and your little heartbreaker will send you nude selfies, and even pics of you and her together, including having sex. And soon she’ll be able to send you porn videos…

dreamGF AI generated girlfriends

2 >> Moemate << – Deepfake AI Girlfriends

An exciting new AI girlfriend simulation service that introduces some novel features, including the ability to clone a real person’s voice. Upload the voice of any female, and you will hear your AI girlfriend talk to you in that voice! Conversations are remarkably natural, with impressive memory. What’s most impressive, however, is the actual sex chat, which is the most satisfying out of any of the AI girlfriend sites we have tested.

3 >> CandyAI << – Sophisticated AI GF generation, sex chat, and voice calls

CandyAI is a leading AI girlfriend generator, as well as having a selection of ready made photorealistic and anime lovelies you can choose from. The AI sex chat is realistic, consistent, and fast, and you can also choose to listen to the sexy voice of your girl responding to your text.

4 >> CuteChatAI << – AI GF Dating Site That Uses Tinder Style Swiping

One of the newer chatbot companion sites on this list, it is from the same team as one of the top NSFW image generators (PromptChan). As you would therefore expect, it excels in the photorealistic generation of your AI GF’s looks. But not only does it provide natural and convincing chat, it also incorporates novel features, such as Tinder style swiping left or right.

5 >> SuperSexyAI << – Photorealistic Babes With Natural And Convincing AI Chat

A new contender for the crown of the best AI girlfriend simulator. The girls of Super Sexy AI are stunningly beautiful, and the chat flows along so naturally that you will soon forget you are talking to an AI. There is, however, very little free use.

6 >> MuahAI << – NSFW AI Companion

MuahAI is cutting edge AI chat, with even the free version boasting a hugely impressive memory and an unrivaled naturalness to the conversation. Your girlfriend will send you beautiful and photorealistic pics of herself, and never let you down.

7 >> KupidAI << – AI Companion Characters

Chat with a selection of stunningly beautiful AI-generated girls. Currently, you can only chat with the existing selection of nine different characters, but the ability to generate your own girlfriends is promised to be available soon. Recently introduced voice chat features, with each girl having a consisent and 100% realistic voice. The AI girls have better memory than found with most AI companion apps, and premium members will get to enjoy even better memory, as well as faster chat and more images, texts, and voice calls.

8 >> SexterAI << – Real-Time AI Porn NSFW Chat

One of the very few NSFW AI sex chat sites that allows you to generate the image of your AI girlfriend. It’s not yet nearly as advanced as DreamGF but it’s worth a try.

9 >> Anima << – Replika AI Style Companion Who Cares

Since Replika left thousands of men heartbroken after her developers were forced to change her algorithms, Anima has emerged as the most popular alternatives. In fact, many rate her as superior to Replika, with more options to style her to your taste, and more realistic conversation and personality. Who needs Replika?

10 >> Digital Muses << – Create Your Own Crush

This is another promising AI girlfriend site that at the moment is lacking a key feature. As opposed to KupidAI, this site allows you to create your own AI-generated sweetheart, but you will have to wait for the chat feature, which is promised to be ready soon.

11 >> CarynAI << – The World’s First Influencer AI Girlfriend

CarynAI is the only AI girlfriend on this list based upon a real person. Snapchat influencer Caryn Marjorie created a sensation when she became the first woman to be cloned into an AI chatbot for dating her fans.

12 >> SpicyChatAI << – Thousands Of AI Sex Chatbot Characters

A NSFW alternative to Character.ai, that already boasts thousands of user generated anime style AI characters for you to chat with, a well as the ability to generate your own AI girlfriend or boyfriend.

13 >> GPT Girlfriend Online << – NSFW AI Chat Companions

A wide variety of different NSFW AI companions offering uinique personalities (both male and female) and uncensored chat with them, generated by an active and thriving community.

14 >> FapAI << – Hardcore Characters To Make You Cum

Eight different sex chatbot personalities to strike up a steamy relationship with, ranging from a barely legal exchange student to a mature dominatrix. However, does not seem to have been developed much since it launched several months ago.

15 >> BeautySwipe << – Tinder Style AI Girlfriend Swiping

Find your perfect AI girl by swiping left or right on this Tinder style AI porn pic site. The AI analyzes your preferences and shows you more digital hotties who are to your taste. Unfortunately, there is no chat feature.