dignifAI net image example of covered up woman

4Chan Users Have Had Enough Of Undress Apps – ‘DignifAI’ Puts Clothes On Instagram Thots!

As the outrage against deepfake porn and undress apps reaches new heights, with lawmakers on both sides of the Atlantic scrambling to push forward new anti-AI porn laws as quickly as possible, the politically incorrect malcontents of the infamous 4Chan /pol board have offered their own solution to the problem. It would appear that 4Channers feel that even a ban on undress apps would not go far enough. No, what is needed is for undress apps to be actively replaced with ‘dress apps’, or to use their preferred term – ‘dignifAI’ apps. To this end, they have launched a social media campaign with the hashtag #dignifAI, and hope it will spur the creation of a new generation of socially responsible AI apps that will allow users to not only put clothes on ‘immodestly’ dressed Instagram influencers and celebrities, but also remove tattoos and other signs of ‘degeneracy’.

According to ‘MediaMatter.org‘ :

On January 30, a 4chan user posted a thread saying that “with the power of AI we can put clothes on women” and showing two images: one that appears to be an Instagram post of a woman and then the same post but with more clothing on the woman. The user added, “AI porn makes them angry. But use AI to clothe them, remove their tattoos and piercings.. The seething will echo through the ages.”

Fellow users expressed enthusiasm about the idea and voted on a campaign name, ultimately landing on “#dignifAI.”

Other 4Chan members likened the campaign to previous viral and controversial memes that the mentalists have become infamous for, such as #ItsOKToBeWhite and #IslamIsRightAboutWomen. Popular right-wing influencers, such as Paul Joseph Watson, have already helped to spread the deeply illbrained hashtag. So is it just another offensive and misogynistic stunt from the contrarian crackpots of /pol, or does it contain a slither of a serious social commentary? Perhaps it does after all say something half-right, in a cheeky schoolboy’s version of a Black Mirror episode kind of way, about the need to be careful of what you wish for?

Featured image courtesy of dgnifai.net.