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AI Girlfriends Appear On ChatGPT Store Despite Ban

OpenAI recently launched a ‘GPT Store’, in which users can buy and sell a variety of personalized chatbots. And perhaps inevitably, despite it being clearly against the terms and conditions, it is already filling up with AI girlfriends.

According to OpenAI’s terms of service, it is expressly forbidden to sell chatbots “dedicated to fostering romantic companionship or performing regulated activities”. Despite the ban, a growing number of AI girlfriend bots have appeared on the store, although given that many are disappearing, it does seem that they are being moderated. However, new naughty chatbots are appearing as quickly as OpenAI can remove existing ones. Those selling the chatbots may also be attempting to circumventing the ban by dropping the ‘girlfriend’ title and replacing it with other terms such as ‘sweetheart’.

With the many and constant attacks on AI girlfriends in the media, with claims that they are feeding toxic masculinity and even increasing the number of incels, it’s no surprise that OpenAI has expressly forbidden them. But AI girlfriends remain easy to find elsewhere, and in fact, their numbers are growing at a likely exponential rate. Given men’s natural taste for sexual variety, I would not be surprised if the number of AI girlfriend chatbots exceeds the number of real females on the planet within the next decade.

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