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Founder Of Company Behind CarynAI Is Jailed After Arson And ‘Terroristic Threats’

John Meyer, the founder of Forever Companion, which earlier this year launched the world’s first AI influencer CarynAI, may one day be looked back on as the Robert Oppenheimer of industry. And it appears he may have at some point experienced the same burdensome flash of self-insight that Oppenheimer had as he watched the first atomic bomb explode before his eyes and said – “Now, I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds”. That’s because Meyer recently exhibited a full-blown mental health breakdown, that has led him to be arrested and jailed for setting his own apartment on fire, as well as for making ‘terroristic threats’. It seems that Mr. Meyer had been on a downward spiral for some time, and had begun voicing strange paranoid conspiracy theories regarding Donald Trump and other things.

Forever Voices, an artificial intelligence company that launched a myriad of celebrity AI “virtual girlfriend” chatbots via Telegram earlier this year, went offline on Oct. 23 after the company founder and CEO was arrested, News Nation reported.

John Meyer, CEO of Forever Voices, was reportedly taken into custody in October for allegedly setting boxes on fire on the balcony of his high-rise apartment in downtown Austin, Texas, local news outlet KXAN reported. He was charged with arson and terroristic threats and his bond was set at $120,000, according to court records.

Before the service went dark and Meyer was arrested, the Forever Voices account posted a series of bizarre conspiracy theories about the FBI, former President Donald Trump and “rogue CIA terrorists” on X (formerly Twitter).


Since Forever Companion was launched with CarynAI, as well as another cloned ‘influencer’ (the pornstar Amouranth), it has faced competition from an ever-growing list of startups with exactly the same idea. And while Caryn Marjorie boasted about how much money she was already making from simps paying dollars for a few minutes of texting with her AI chatbot clone, the site appeared to be in beta mode for months, with a waiting list to actually join. Meyer had already been long in the AI chat clone business, with a previous brand called Forever Voices that sought to clone the personalities of the deceased relatives of customers as AI chatbot versions. Since the rapid explosion in AI chat over the last year, that idea too has seen a host of copycats spring up. Perhaps it was the pressure of trying to remain at the top of this nascent but massively expanding industry, that has led to Meyer’s health crisis.

No matter what does happen from here, John Meyer will always have a little piece of history to his name. As will Caryn Marjorie, who meanwhile has taken her AI clone to one of those rival startups.