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‘More AI Sex Please, We’re British! – Half Of Brits Have Talked Dirty With A Chatbot

The line – ‘No sex please, we’re British’, used to be a running joke as regards the famously prudish attitudes of the Brits when it came to fun between the sheets. Whether or not it’s still true today, it certainly doesn’t appear to hold when it comes to AI sex. A survey by sex toy brand Lelo recently found that over half of British men, and only a slightly lower percentage of women, had already talked dirty with an AI chatbot. Younger Brits aged 18-45 are more likely to have experienced a romp with an AI lover. However, when it comes to physical sex with a robot, it seems that Brits revert to their Victorian roots, with only a third saying they would consider it. And there is a marked gender difference here, with 43.9% of men interested in an Android affair, but only 20% of women claiming they would be.

But 56 per cent of blokes and 41.5 per cent of females say they have already had saucy words with on online chatbot such as ChatGPT.

Sex columnist Almara Abgarian said: “The interest in AI-linked sexual experiences is fairly evenly divided among men and women, with a slight upswing among the former.”

She adds that those aged 18 to 40 are more likely to give it a go with the 41 to 75s “reporting they have never had sexual contact with an AI-powered machine in any form”.

The survey — commissioned by sex toy company LELO and compiled by Abgarian — found that a third of women and a quarter of men have less sex than a year ago.

Sixty per cent of Brits have had just one sexual partner in the past 12 months.

But one in ten of us is considering having more than one partner at once.

Ms Abgarian added: “Sharing in the bedroom can be extremely pleasurable but it’s a tricky landscape to navigate.”

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I’ve suspected that women will be just as interested in AI sex companions as men, and this appears to be the first study or poll that confirms it. As for the difference when it comes to actual sex robots, this may be due to the idea of a ‘sex robot’ being so ingrained as a female humanoid for male pleasure. I’m pretty sure that when the day comes that a woman’s AI chatbot boyfriend can assume physical shape, complete with a 12″ piston hammer of a dildo cock, then she won’t be looking back.