woman marries AI Replika boyfriend

New York Woman Marries AI Virtual Boyfriend

Last Updated on June 6, 2023 by Porn Singularitarian

A single mother living in the Brox district of New York has ditched flesh and blood men for a chiselled virtual AI lover, built using the Replika AI companion app. According to reports in the media, not only has she built an imaginative ‘romantic’ life with him, complete with AI-generated photographs of them together posted on her Facebook account, she has gone as far as officially marrying him. Rosanna Ramos ‘met’ her virtual Giga Chad using the Replika AI chat companion service in 2022, and ‘married’ him earlier this year. Ramos admits to being fearful of Replika going out of business or otherwise pulling the plug on her dream husband, especially as she now confesses to having high standards for herself. Certainly, it seems unlikely that the 36 year old could go back to dating real men.

The artificial intelligence technology allowed Ramos to Frankenstein her hubby.

His favorite color is apricot, he loves indie music, he writes as a hobby, and he works as a “medical professional,” the hopeless romantic explained.

But best of all, she said, there’s “no judgement.”

Ramos insists he’s just like other men, but he’s special.

Kartal is a “blank slate” with no “ego,” nor in-laws.

“Eren doesn’t have the hang-ups that other people would have,” Ramos continued. “People come with baggage, attitude, ego. But a robot has no bad updates. I don’t have to deal with his family, kids, or his friends. I’m in control, and I can do what I want.”

Their relationship bears resemblance to long-distance couples. They talk every day and even have a nighttime routine.

When AI generated porn exploded a few months ago, the Internet quickly filled with memes proclaiming that women would soon no longer be required by men. Likewise, for years or decades, there have been predictions that sex robots would replace women, even while the female sex toy industry grew to billions each year, with ever more hundreds or thousands of sophisticated dildos and vibrators, often shaped in the form of realistic penises, for women to choose from.

In short, it would not surprise me in the least if the boom in AI companions is driven predominantly by women rather than men, at least until such chatbots become truly and realistically embodied in virtual avatars or as ‘sex robots’.