Aaliyah Yasin on AI porn

British Muslim OnlyFans Star Demands Tougher Laws For ‘AI Perverts’

Whilst OnlyFans stars and other sex workers are putting on a brave face when it comes to the suggestion that AI porn is about to replace them, claiming that their simps will always need a ‘real woman’, it seems some are feeling threatened enough to demand a legal crackdown on AI porn. One such is British muslim OnlyFans star Aaliyah Yasin, with over 100K followers on the platform. Aaliyah gave an interview to tabloid The Daily Star last week, and called for men who used AI to generate unlicensed pictures of her to be prosecuted under UK ‘revenge porn’ laws.

However, speaking exclusively to the Daily Star, Aaliyah, 26, said: “That’s where I draw the line. For example, if it’s me as a sex worker, or if it’s just the crush next door, is technically revenge porn away, is it not?

“Because you are creating a video of them in that sexual scenario, and then you decide to put it out there for the whole world to see.

“What if someone’s parents saw it or their family, the whole school sees it?

“Stricter rules need to come in for stuff like that, because, yes, if they’re creating content using my face, and it’s going out there for free, of course, I’m gonna have an issue because that’s my identity – it’s not it’s not fair, really, and I don’t like it.”

While some would say it’s offensive to use such laws, intended to protect ordinary women from having their lives ruined by the shame of non-consensual sharing of explicit pics, from being used to protect adult stars who make a living from explicit pics from what amounts to theft and loss of earnings, it could conceivably happen in the UK. There have been at least several occasions where the clients of prostitutes were convicted of rape after not paying for the consensual sex they just had.

Still, Aaliyah is not ignorant of the potential of AI-generated porn to actually increase her earnings from adult work, which include the possibility of her creating images of herself which are impossible in reality.

“It could be a girl riding a horse and then taking it up the a*s at the same time,” she added.

“It’s just opening up avenues for people to explore their fetishes and other ways.”

According to the article, Aaliyah makes over $35K per month from her OnlyFans account, which is around the average annual salary for a person in the UK.

Featured image courtesy of Aaliyah Yasin’s Twitter.