Eliza the Depressing Rise of AI Girlfriends

AI Girlfriends – The Case For And Against Presented In Two Opposing Videos

AI companion apps have been around for several years or more without attracting too much attention from the media, campaigners, and ‘experts’. That changed over the last 12 months with the explosion in hype surrounding generative AI, chatbots, and AI porn. Now people realize that AI chatbots have gotten a lot better and more human-like, and the market for AI girlfriends is going to take off. Not only that, but the advances in AI image generation, including NSFW images, are going to be combined with the chatbot features so that men can create their very own perfect dream girlfriend. Indeed, this is already happening thanks to leading AI girlfriend generator site DreamGF.ai.

A moral panic is ensuing over AI girlfriends, with recent articles appearing in the popular online press claiming that the AI girlfriend is increasing toxic masculinity and threatens the safety and well-being of women. Interestingly, despite all the evidence suggesting that AI boyfriends are also becoming increasingly popular with women, the articles, YouTube videos, and opinion pieces always frame the threat to society as coming from AI girlfriends.

I thought highlighting two recent videos on the subject would be a good idea, both taking contrasting views. TBH, it was hard to find a video putting forward a positive case for AI girlfriends, and even in the “men’s rights movement’ video that I found, it’s more of a defensive argument protesting against the attacks on the idea of AI girlfriends.

The Depressing Rise of AI Girlfriends

In the first video, a YouTuber with over 320K subscribers, who makes videos looking at the dark side of the Internet, presents a well-made diatribe against AI girlfriends, ignoring pretty much any possible positives they may bring.

A I Girlfriends threaten to give men better lives – Man haters mobilize to stop it.

In this video, an MRA (men’s rights activist) with less than a thousand subscribers, makes a passionate defense of AI girlfriends, and the right of men to experience them, and very much presenting the attack on AI girlfriend as an attack on men by “man-haters”. In his video description :

Male contentment and satisfaction is always under siege. From alcohol prohibition to pornography to the new possibility of A.I. girlfriends there is a continual concerted effort to deny men any kind of sexual outlet or act of intimacy that doesn’t involve payment to a woman in the form male suffering.