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AI Webcam Girls In 2024?

An ambitious crowdfunding campaign is asking for horny AI porn fans to donate in order to help the development of not only an AI porn video generator, but an AI webcam generator. ‘FakeFap‘ hasn’t even got an image generator up on their website yet, but that hasn’t stopped them from making a detailed roadmap that leads to fully AI generated live sex cam girls by the Summer of next year. Scam or not, it seems like it’s something that a lot of AI porn fans want to see, as according to their crowdfunding page, already almost half of a $49K funding goal has been reached.

PornJoy AI webcam girl

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There are currently three top AI porn sites that allow (premium) members to create AI porn videos – SexyAI, Pornify, and PornJourney. Even calling the results they produce ‘videos’ is a bit of a stretch, as they always last only a few brief seconds and have very low frame rates, making them more like gifs than true video. Still, text-to-video is making rapid advances, and it seems reasonable to expect that at some point next year, we will have AI porn generators able to produce something that resembles a real porn video, and something you might want to fap to.

AI generated webcam girls might be easier to achieve than porn movies. A webcam girl doesn’t necessarily have to move much, and much of the ‘thrill’ is in her sexy chat. Well we already have ‘AI girlfriends’ able to voice chat to a reasonable degree, so a live interactive AI ‘webcam show’ happening soon isn’t something unrealistic.

We will be keeping a close watch on FakeFap over the next few months, and will keep you informed of any news or updates. But as their funding page is self-hosted rather than on Patreon or similar, we wont be contributing to it ourselves.