Sandman - Are women afraid of being replaced by AI girlfriends

Are Women Scared Of Being Replaced By AI Girlfriends?

Controversial YouTuber ‘Sandman’ recently made a video in which he claims that women are scared of being replaced by AI girlfriends and that is why a momentum is already building among feminist campaigners for them to be banned or heavily regulated. Sandman, who calls himself a ‘MGTOW’ (a member of the ‘Men Go Their Own Way’ movement’), assumes that women themselves will always prefer real men to AI boyfriends, but that men will increasingly prefer virtual girls. Women will never allow themselves to be replaced by AI, and so will introduce laws to ban digital girlfriends. He sees a dystopian future in which increasingly sophisticated and desirable AI girlfriends are made illegal, but cannot stop legions of men still seeking them out via VPN networks.

Women are indeed already claiming that AI girlfriends are ‘fuelling the incel problem‘, ‘feeding men unrealistic standards for relationships‘, and ‘normalizing male abuse of partners‘. Women have even already claimed to have been harassed by AI chatbots and one mother warned only the other week that a rogue noncebot AI predator had tried to date her underage daughter. Personally, I’m a little more optimistic than Sandman. I believe he disregards the possibility that women might enjoy AI boyfriends even more than men enjoy AI girlfriends. And he ignores the fact that a number of women are already taking the attitude – ‘if you can’t beat them (AI girlfriends) join them’, and turning themselves into digital AI chatbot clones, that thousands of men appear eager to pay to ‘date’.

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But whatever, if you haven’t already been triggered enough by ‘Sandman’, check out his video from last week!