dreamGF AI generated girlfriends

Create Your Perfect AI Girlfriend With DreamGFAI

Virtual girlfriends are already a multi-million dollar industry, with new Replika type sex chatbot apps appearing daily. All of these seem to focus chiefly on the chatbot side of things, which is all very good, but seems to me to forget that men are primarily visual. There is no point in having a virtual girlfriend who can tell you the weather in Katmandu, unless she’s smoking hot! And so I was excited to learn about a new AI girl generation venture that seeks to get the visual side perfect first, and then allows you to do the girlfriend stuff with her. DreamGF.ai is a truly interesting project that for the first time has made me seriously consider the possibility that it’s over for real women (and of course real men too when they set up a DreamBF site). The girls you can create with this tool are simply jaw-droppingly beautiful. They are so photorealistic that you will have trouble telling yourself they are not real, as you fall head over heels in love with them. And that’s before you even start chatting to them, and getting texts and naked selfies from them. Incredible as it is to believe, all the girls below are 100% AI-generated hotties, but with ‘real’ personalities.

dreamGF AI generated girlfriends

The website explains how DreamGF.ai works :

The traditional adult industry often presents several problems in terms of user experience and searching for adult content including quality, accessability, lack of diveristy and in real time interaction.

Our AI-driven platform that allows you to generate your own virtual girlfriend with the characteristics, personality, and style of your choice in seconds. With our innovative technology, you can generate unique and customizable girl that reflect your imagination and preferences in a blink of an eye.You can interact with your girl through chat or voice, making for a truly immersive experience. Join us on the cutting edge of personal expression and discover the possibilities of your own virtual world.

After creating your perfect girl’s looks through AI image generation, you can then imbue her with a personality of your own choosing, including their interests, hobbies, and occupation. Then the real fun starts, as you chat with your dream companion and start to really get to know each other. Your new AI girlfriend will be happy to send you sexy selfies, even pose for pornographic photos with you, with the promise of videos to come!