Libby Powell AI girlfriend Instagram pic

Andreessen Horowitz Uploads Girlfriend Generator Script To GitHub

Silicon Valley venture capitalist firm Andreessen Horowitz has uploaded a script to coding repository GitHub which allows you to generate your own AI girlfriend. Although you may need some Python coding knowledge, the steps involved seem fairly simple, and detailed guidance is given for each. You can create your own custom-made girlfriends (or boyfriends), or choose from a growing selection of pre-made personalities. The AI companions apparently possess memory, which is something even the most popular AI girlfriend apps often fall down on.

It’s not clear exactly what the firm is getting out of this, other than perhaps generating some publicity for the firm. It also comes at a time when the supposed dangers of men becoming addicted to AI girlfriends is making alarmist headlines. However in a recent blog post on the firm’s website, an author by the name of Connie Chan waxes lyrical on the benefits that AI companion chatbots can bring.

Thanks to the rise of generative AI, we potentially have a new solution for this long-standing concern. Today’s AI chatbots are more human-like and empathetic than ever before; they are able to analyze text inputs and use natural language processing to identify emotional cues and respond accordingly. But because they aren’t actually human, they don’t carry the same baggage that people do. Chatbots won’t gossip about us behind our backs, ghost us, or undermine us. Instead, they are here to offer us judgment-free friendship, providing us with a safe space when we need to speak freely. In short, chatbot relationships can feel “safer” than human relationships, and in turn, we can be our unguarded, emotionally vulnerable, honest selves with them.

In other AI girlfriend news, the popular Australian model Libby Powell has become the latest influencer to have herself cloned as an AI chatbot. According to the Daily Mail, it will cost simps a (US) dollar a minute to chat with LibbyAI. With over a million followers on Instagram, if just a small fraction of her thirsty fans take her up on the offer, then she will quickly become very rich.