Milla Sofia

AI Image Generated Influencer Milla Sofia Has Over 40K Followers

According to former Google AI exec Mo Gawdat, virtual girlfriends and sexbots will soon be so indistinguishable from real women, that they may soon prefer them. In an interview given only last week and uploaded on to YouTube, Gawdat claims that men wont really care that their virtual lovers are not real or sentient. The idea was quickly given credence by the news that over 40K (presumably mostly men) have subscribed to a beautiful, bikini clad social influencer on Instagram named Milla Sofia…who is 100% AI generated.

A gorgeous Finnish influencer with luscious blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes is taking the Internet by storm.

Milla Sofia, 19, from Helsinki, is often dressed sexily in her posts and has grown her followings on Instagram (35,000), TikTok (93,000) and Twitter/X (9,000).

Too bad she’s not real.

“I am 19-year old robot girl living in Helsinki,” reads her Instagram bio. “I’m an AI creation.”

As the person behind her is quite upfront about Milla being an AI creation, it’s not clear how many of those 40K followers believe her to be a real person. It’s probably quite small, but it appears that the number who don’t care is a lot bigger.

Looking at her Instagram profile, it is indeed impressive to note the consistency between her photos. She very much looks the same person. This is something that AI image generators (and all the AI porn generators) are still struggling to master. This is essential for not just AI influencers like Milla, and possible AI OnlyFans models, but also for virtual AI girlfriends. This is already becoming a rapidly growing thing, with leading the way in allowing you to generate your girl, and then give her the sweet (or otherwise) personality of your dreams. A comprehensive list of the best AI girlfriends can be found at

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