Adriana Chechick AI Forever Companion

Pornstar Adriana Chechik Can’t Have Sex Since Breaking Her Back But Now She’s An AI Girlfriend

It seems only months ago and everybody was laughing over the thought that generative AI was imminently going to put pornstars and OnlyFans models out of work. In fact, the opposite has happened, and in the case of popular adult actress Adriana Chechik – who famously broke her back at a convention early last year – it has enabled her to continue ‘working’ despite not being able to have sex. Adriana has become the latest celebrity to have her personality cloned as an AI chatbot, available to hook up with her legions of male fans as a virtual girlfriend.

Paid users can have confidential conversations with a robot that sounds just like the adult influencer – and is tailored to their interests thanks to its advanced algorithms.

Adriana, 31, said she could no longer take creating erotic content after a serious accident at gaming convention TwitchCon.

In an Instagram Live in March, Adriana revealed the horror incident had had a major impact – she was no longer able to have sex.

The aftermath of her injury made sex a torture, while the pain relief from the accident prevented her from experiencing orgasms.

Adriana confessed: “I don’t have sex. I tried and it was so painful.”

“Plus, I can’t even get myself to have an orgasm because of the nerve blocks. It sucks.”

The accident, which was caught on camera, saw Adriana jump into a shallow pit made of foam cubes that weren’t properly padded – causing the US-born star to break his back in two places.

Adriana, who required a wand implant in her back, later discovered she had been pregnant at the time of the incident – while she was being treated in hospital for her injuries.

Now she will collaborate with Forever Voices AI to develop the “Adriana Chechik AI Companion”.

Adriana shared the news and posted a link to her AI self’s website. The experience promises that users would “get to know Adriana like never before.”

The site says, “Chat, ask questions and listen as Adriana AI speaks to you directly.”

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As well as enabling disabled or injured performers to continue monetizing their brand, AI will allow even ‘retired’ or aging stars to continue earning indefinitely. There is already an AI porn site – DeepFake – that trains its AI system on the images of long-retired celebrities such as Tawnee Stone and Jordan Capri. In this case, it appears that those actresses are not receiving monetary reward as the owner of the site – Steve Lightspeed – owns the image rights to the photos of the girls during their time working for him under his ‘Lightspeed Girls’ porn site nearly two decades ago. Any pornstar today should be considering adding a clause to her contract regarding any future use of her images in AI porn.