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Top Five AI Tech News Blogs

AI is not just about creating your dream waifu, or interracial shemale porn pics. It can also be useful for a lot of other less erotic things. In any case, AI porn fans will want to keep track of such an exciting and fast moving technology. For example, reading about the latest advances in text to video generation gives you an insight into how soon we can be fapping off to AI generated interracial shemale porn videos. So here’s a list of my favourite sources that keep me informed and up-to-date as to the latest general developments in artificial intelligence.

1 >> Google News <<

An aggregation of the latest top stories from all the top news sources. You are probably aware that you can also set up Google News to deliver regular email alerts.

2 >> Reddit (r/artificial) <<

The largest AI news subreddit, it covers news, videos, blog posts, and even Tweets.

3 >> Scientific American <<

The oldest popular science source, it has a special category devoted to artificial intelligence you can bookmark, and which is of course regularly updated these days.

4 >> Reddit StableDiffusion <<

A SFW subreddit on all things to do with StableDiffusion, the powerful text to image model that most of the top AI porn generators are derived from.

5 >> Top Bots <<

This is a bit of more technical news source, intended for those who already have something of a decent understanding of the basic principles of AI and its terminology, and who are seeking to use AI in work or business.

6 >> Machine Learning Mastery <<

This is a blog for developers and coders and gives tutorials on the how to utilize AI through understanding the Machine Learning that underpins it.