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AI Nudes Already Being Sold And Passed Off As Real Photos

Rolling Stone magazine reported this week that AI generated nudes are already fooling people online, and that scammers making money from selling them to unwitting simps, is already a thing. The photos of ’19 year old Claudia’ were being posted on various subreddits, such as r/face and r/amihot, provoking positive comments and apparent widespread creduality that she was the real thing. Although the two computer scientists claim they created ‘Claudia’ as a joke, they took $100 out of simp’s wallets for ‘her’ nude photos, before she was finally sussed by tech savvy Redditors as an AI creation. In fact, Claudia wasn’t even the first AI fake thot making their creators money. The pair behind her had taken their cue from an earlier post on Reddit, from a man claiming that he had catfished $500 out of unwary simps through a fake AI girl.

I wrote only last week of the dangers, and inevitibility of fake AI generated nudes and personas to the OnlyFans business model. These dangers lie both in the ‘competition’ and the loss of trust in OnlyFans creators. Currently, it’s actually still very difficult to AI generate dozens of different photos of the same ‘girl’. It’s expensive, and the results have to be 100% consistent to avoid an uncanny valley effect (and also so that she wont be spotted as not real). So we might not be flooded with fake OnlyFans models for a little while, but give it time…

While no doubt AI nude photos presented as real will become a big issue, another question to be decided is to how popular AI porn images will become, with the viewer understanding that the photo or video he is jerking off to is AI generated? The Washington Post pursued the Rolling Stone story by talking to those who are already making AI porn for their own amusement. One such person is an adult diaper fetishist, who is quoted by the paper as opining that the fakeness of AI generated porn does not matter.

“The average person who’s looking at this stuff, I don’t think they care,” he said. “I don’t expect the person I’m looking at online to be the person they say they are. I’m not going to meet this person in real life. … At the end of the day, if they’re not real, who really cares?”

Millions already jerk off to hentai, and to cgi generated images. I can easily imagine that millions more are going to readily jerk off to AI porn videos that they have generated themselves (or by a paid expert) to tailor to their specific fantasies and kinks.

Featured (blurred) image courtesy of Soulgen AI porn generator.